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There are a lot of things that can inspire someone when it comes to how they are going to "play a role."  Costumes are usually super inspiring to me, especially the shoes.  When you wear different types of shoes (boots, gym shoes, dress shoes, flip flops, etc.) you naturally carry yourself differently in each pair which in turn, would make you play the role slightly differently in each shoe.  

   "I'll bet those are comfortable shoes."

Another inspiring character choice can be an accent or dialect.  Someone from the southern part of the United States is going to naturally have a different vibe than someone from the UK.  Someone from Russia will have a different vibe than someone from Ireland.  Make sense? 

Another choice is haircut.  This is a big one for me.  How the hair is styled and cut makes a very big impact on how I go about playing a role.  If the hair isn't right, I have a hard time really "feeling it" when it comes time to jump on stage.  In Part of the Plan, I get to have a James Dean type haircut which I really like because I feel like that style fits me personally and the character well. 

One thing that is really inspiring to me are photos.  When I get cast in a role one of the first things I do after I read the script is look for photos I think relate to the character and the characters "essence."  The photos can be of anything.  A sunset, a bicycle, an animal, the inside of a coffee shop... anything as long as I think it relates to the character in some way.   

Below is a collage or "vision board" of photos I've collected throughout the past few weeks that I think best represents my characters thoughts, feeling, emotions, sense of humor, sense of reality, interests, family, life style, etc.  If you're an actor (or any creator for that matter) and are ever stuck on where to go next, or how to get a little deeper into a character, maybe a character vision board will give you some inspiration and help you move past some of those road blocks.  Here's how I've put together mine for Sean O'Connor in Part of the Plan.  Interview

We are deep in the trenches of Part of the Plan now and have been for a few weeks!  

Along with rehearsals and costume fittings, I've had the opportunity to do some interviews and press events for the show.  Here's one of the most recent interviews to hit the inter webs, an interview I did for  Check it out below (just click the image to go right to the full interview) and I'll see you at the show!  

We open a week from today!  Holy S***!

Click the image above to check out the full interview

Click the image above to check out the full interview



Headed to Nashville this Monday (August 7th, 2017) to start rehearsals for Part of the Plan!  It's about damn time!  I've been a apart of this show for the last 5+ years and I can't wait to finally put it up in all it's glory in front of multiple audiences and see how things turn out! 

Before we dive much further into it, check out this video below.  I talk a little bit more about what in the hell is going on.  I'll see you in Nashville!

Tickets available at Also check out for more info.


Every once in a blue moon a project comes up that is more exciting than anything else you've ever seen or been apart of.  In my early experiences with live theater, RENT fit in this special spot of my creative heart and now that spot has been given a very comfortable roommate.  

For the past 4+ years I've been apart of a musical called Part of the Plan which features music written by folk/country/rock singer/songwriter (good hell thats a lot of /) Dan Fogelberg.  It's some of the most touching, heartfelt, bold, complex, relatable, catchy, ingenious music that I've not only ever heard, but had the pleasure of singing.  To add to the brilliance of the music, the story and script (written by Kate Atkinson & Karen Harris) are just as sweet, meaty and heart wrenching as ever.  It seriously is one of the greatest pieces I've ever heard.  

Just last month we spent 9 days in Nashville, TN at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center putting up a reading of epic proportions.  (see pictures below) 

This is a show I love very dearly and I can't wait for the next step in the journey.  It truly is an honor to be apart of the growth and development of such an impactful, thought provoking, sentimental, intelligent and exciting piece of theater.  For more information about the show and to hear the music (as well as a live taping of Leader of the Band performed by yours truly) checkout  


Week 1

Every Monday for the past 20 weeks I've sent a newsletter to everyone on my email list talking about some of my favorite things.  Things I recommend you checking out for yourself.  Everything from music to food to clothing and fashion to phone apps to books.  It's been a really fun thing to put together each week and I'm just barely starting to feel like I'm catching on to how I want to format these things.  

If you aren't on the email list and you'd like to be, you can sign up HERE.  

Below are the first newsletter I sent out... Week 1 of recommendations.  To save some space I've taken out the graphics & slimmed things down a bit so if you've been getting the weekly emails, you'll notice they are a bit more flashy.  But for those of you that are new, hopefully this gives you a decent idea of whats been going on.   


I'm a big fan of podcasts. One of my favorite is by a guy named Tim Ferriss, you might have heard of him.  Each week (on Friday's) Tim sends an email to his subscribers talking about a few things that interested him that week.  It talks about everything from music to investment opportunities to movies.  Everything under the sun pretty much.  I've enjoyed getting the email so much I thought I would... completely rip off the idea.  I'm going to put my own spin on it but just to give credit where it's due, I totally stole this idea.  I hope you don't mind.

Every Monday I'd like to get in the habit of checking in with you and sending out a list of 3-5 things I thought were interesting that week.  Hopefully you'll find them interesting too!


Check him out on iTunes or YouTube.  He's playing some of the best new music I've heard in a very long time.  His voice is insane and the songs are fantastic.  Give "Best Fake Smile" "Craving" and "Hold Back the River" a shot.  You're gonna love it!
I'm not quite sure how to describe Casey Neistat.  
He's a brilliant film maker on YouTube.  He has 100's of videos on his YouTube Channel, each one better than the last.  Everyday he puts out a daily Vlog at 8am EST.  I'm addicted and have been for the past couple years.  Honestly, you can spend hours watching this guys work.  He's incredibly inspiring and the future of online video content in my opinion. Check out "Make it Count" "Bike Lanes" or "My New Wallet" Those are a few of my favorites but seriously, he doesn't have a bad video.
When it comes to clothes, jeans and a t-shirt do the job perfectly for me so I hardly sway far from it.  I get asked a lot what brand of t-shirt I'm wearing so why not spread the love here.  James Perse makes (hands down) the best t-shirt on the planet.  The fabric, the fit, the quality... the best of the best in my opinion.  Whether you're looking for a crew or v neck, man or woman, these guys get the job done.  No logos, no radical prints, just a comfortable, great fitting shirt... just the way I like it!  These make a great holiday gift if you're on the hunt.  They last forever and the more you wear them the better they fit/look.  Check them out online or at Bloomingdales and some Nordstrom stores. 

That's all for Week 1.  I hope you dig the suggestions!  Let me know what you think of James and Casey!  

Happy Holidays!  Hug your family.

      - HARLEY JAY 

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No One Ever

It’s not my style to mix in the political opinions or conclusions of other people.  I’m not very well versed in politics or world affairs but I try to at least take note of what’s going on with an open mind and not rationalize or over analyze the situation.  I do my best to search out the facts and leave emotion out of it.  To me, that seems like the smoothest way to keep a grip on things.  

These days it would appear that hatred and bullying is almost as in style as yoga pants and leather jackets.  Like a nuclear form of cancer, it’s spread to my niece and nephews schools (they’re between 2 & 5), to restaurants and movie theaters, to concert venues and grocery stores, to politicians podiums and social media, straight into our own homes.  

The other day I decided to wash my car.  I pulled out the bucket, a soft cloth, screwed the hose into the water main, filled the bucket with muddy water and got to work.  I spent hours scrubbing it but for some reason, it would never get clean.  I even ran to the store and bought wax because once it was spotless, I was going to make it shine like the sun but it never got to that point.  

You can’t clean a dirty car with muddy water no matter how many other tools you have.  

I’m not a professor of life or human interaction but I do know that you can’t kill hate with hate.  Trying to combat hate with more hate is like washing your car with muddy water.  It’s going to get worse, especially once it settles in and dries.  So many people, some with a louder voice than others, are trying their best to literally sell people on the idea that the best way to fix the problems in this country is with discrimination, racism and bullying.  I promise, it’s not.  Hate is what got us in this position in the first place.  

Instead of attacking each other, whether it be with words or violence, lets take time to make a conscience effort to support and build each other up.  No one ever got hurt because someone was kind or generous.  No one ever lost a loved one because you held the door for them.  No one ever loaded a gun because they were told how much they were loved.