No One Ever

It’s not my style to mix in the political opinions or conclusions of other people.  I’m not very well versed in politics or world affairs but I try to at least take note of what’s going on with an open mind and not rationalize or over analyze the situation.  I do my best to search out the facts and leave emotion out of it.  To me, that seems like the smoothest way to keep a grip on things.  

These days it would appear that hatred and bullying is almost as in style as yoga pants and leather jackets.  Like a nuclear form of cancer, it’s spread to my niece and nephews schools (they’re between 2 & 5), to restaurants and movie theaters, to concert venues and grocery stores, to politicians podiums and social media, straight into our own homes.  

The other day I decided to wash my car.  I pulled out the bucket, a soft cloth, screwed the hose into the water main, filled the bucket with muddy water and got to work.  I spent hours scrubbing it but for some reason, it would never get clean.  I even ran to the store and bought wax because once it was spotless, I was going to make it shine like the sun but it never got to that point.  

You can’t clean a dirty car with muddy water no matter how many other tools you have.  

I’m not a professor of life or human interaction but I do know that you can’t kill hate with hate.  Trying to combat hate with more hate is like washing your car with muddy water.  It’s going to get worse, especially once it settles in and dries.  So many people, some with a louder voice than others, are trying their best to literally sell people on the idea that the best way to fix the problems in this country is with discrimination, racism and bullying.  I promise, it’s not.  Hate is what got us in this position in the first place.  

Instead of attacking each other, whether it be with words or violence, lets take time to make a conscience effort to support and build each other up.  No one ever got hurt because someone was kind or generous.  No one ever lost a loved one because you held the door for them.  No one ever loaded a gun because they were told how much they were loved.