Every once in a blue moon a project comes up that is more exciting than anything else you've ever seen or been apart of.  In my early experiences with live theater, RENT fit in this special spot of my creative heart and now that spot has been given a very comfortable roommate.  

For the past 4+ years I've been apart of a musical called Part of the Plan which features music written by folk/country/rock singer/songwriter (good hell thats a lot of /) Dan Fogelberg.  It's some of the most touching, heartfelt, bold, complex, relatable, catchy, ingenious music that I've not only ever heard, but had the pleasure of singing.  To add to the brilliance of the music, the story and script (written by Kate Atkinson & Karen Harris) are just as sweet, meaty and heart wrenching as ever.  It seriously is one of the greatest pieces I've ever heard.  

Just last month we spent 9 days in Nashville, TN at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center putting up a reading of epic proportions.  (see pictures below) 

This is a show I love very dearly and I can't wait for the next step in the journey.  It truly is an honor to be apart of the growth and development of such an impactful, thought provoking, sentimental, intelligent and exciting piece of theater.  For more information about the show and to hear the music (as well as a live taping of Leader of the Band performed by yours truly) checkout